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Zara Mendez

Wolf Wagner's dirty jungle party 1: The bushtucker trial

Always-wet Sarah Star and porn legend Conny Dachs can't miss Wolf Wagner's dirty jungle party. It soon becomes obvious that Wolf Wagner knows no taboos: his party games are merciless, but hot as hell! He demands a display of courage from Conny Dachs which excites Sarah even more: Conny must eat two insect bars made of pure cricket flour! Conny's face betrays his disgust at this gross ordeal. But it wouldn't be a Wolf Wagner party if there wasn't a sexy goodie involved: While Conny eats the cricket bars, Sarah gives him a really nice blowjob! And then slutty Sarah wants to ride the hero: a wild ride where winner Conny gets everything a man can dream of and only loses one thing: A splurt of his sperm that he shoots right into Sarah's wide-open mouth! And as a reward for everything, Wolf Wagner gives Conny a COCKtail.

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